Ready for your breakthrough?

What do you think of when you think of horses?  What are the words that come to your mind?

When some think of the horse, they have descriptors and ideas , each unique to that individual’s perception and experience in life.  Most think of their power, strength, beauty, grace, and speed.  What do you think of?

Zenerjen’s mission is to provide a sanctuary for horses and humans that allows for interaction, introspection, growth, and empowerment, for and between humans and these amazing creatures.

We bring in rescued horses and through natural horse development, take them to a place where they are more confident, calm, engaged and connected with their surroundings and people.  And that’s just the horses…

The people are where we see some real magic happen.  People from all walks of life and all over the world come to The Zenerjen Foundation Center to experience something that is truly unique in the world of self development, discovery and empowerment.

At Zenerjen, your breakthrough awaits…

Jen Zoë, Founder