When I encounter a new problem I am most likely to:

When I am grocery shopping I:

When starting a new project that I am excited about I:

In business, I most enjoy:

When I meet someone new I:

My friends would most likely describe me as:

When you realize you made a promise you probably shouldn’t have, do you:


You’re a Bella! Networking is one of your huge strengths. You pretty much know everybody, have endless energy and are always excited to hop onto the next new thing. Your friends would call you the Energizer bunny. When you feel unsafe, you tend to act impulsively. If however, you have something to focus on, a passion that keeps you engaged, you are UNSTOPPABLE! You enjoy being seen and praised for your hard work. Some famous Bella’s: Angelina Jolie Katy Perry Robin Williams Steve Irwin

You’re a Dante! Bold, unstoppable, and opinionated. You were probably the kid in class who always got into trouble. You let your opinions be known by everybody and you don’t care what others think of them. Both charismatic and arrogant can be used to describe you. Everyone knows when you walk into a room. When you have a passion driving you, nothing is getting in your way to see your vision through. You are solutionary - problems are simply challenges to you because you KNOW there is a way to get it done. Some famous Dante’s: Tony Robbins Steve Jobs Serena Williams Madonna

You’re a Tres! Laid back, easy-going, and dependable. You don’t like being told what to do. If you don’t see the reason behind a task you won’t do it. More on the analytical side, you take a calculated approach in everything you do. Some may see you as lazy, but the truth is when in that state, you are simply uninspired. Driven by outcomes, the perfect mix of motivation and incentive will ignite your engine with an unstoppable force that will get you results. Some famous Tres’: Steve Wozniack Walt Disney Meryl Streep Nicole Kidman

You’re a Maverick! Reserved and perceptive, you think through every step before taking action. When in an unhealthy state, you can make unpredictable decisions. You like to have certainty in your life, as uncertainty feels like pressure. You are cautious of who you trust, but when someone enters your inner circle you would go to the moon and back for them. You are acceptant of leadership as long as there is rapport and trust. You enjoy taking your time in learning new things to make sure that you are learning it well. Some famous Maverick’s: Brene Brown Oprah Winfrey Bill Gates Eckhart Tolle

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