Experience Zenerjen

Zenerjen has an array of opportunities for you to have a life-changing experience with a horse that maintains the dignity of the animal.


The ZenClub is a feminine group of like-minded women.
We dive deep into how to:
– Lead with grace
– Deepen your relationships
– How to achieve your goals with ease and flow
– Find the tools to self-mastery

Most of us think we have to achieve to hold value.

Imagine how you will feel if you had a safe group of women to share your experiences, fears, successes, and everything in between with divine sisterhood.

The truth is, when you find your soul’s purpose and step into your feminine
you will achieve and prosper in a totally natural way.

Zenerjen Horsemanship Courses

The Zenerjen Horsemanship Courses are geared towards women who are seeking connection with a horse at a deeper level outside of just “riding”, learn the secret language of horses and feel the freedom that comes with healing power of a horse for peace, sisterhood and fulfillment.

You begin your journey with a 3 day Zenerjen Basic Certification Course

During the certification process you will learn:
​​- The secret language of horses
​- Horsemanship skills and techniques
​- Understand horse psychology and interactions
​- How horses relate to your everyday life

DreamHorse Angels*

The DreamHorse Angels is Zenerjen’s onsite sisterhood. This is Zenerjen’s membership program for women allowing you to learn about horses, connected with other like-minded ladies, connect with nature, and immerse yourself in a world of personal development.

*Basic certification required

Journey to Truth Retreats

This is Zenerjen’s flagship 4 1/2 day full immersion event.

Discover what a horse can teach you about yourself, your leadership, your relationships and how YOU show up in life. This is the event where one of the horses will choose you. Something about this particular horse will resonate with you more than the others and that will be the horse that you will bond with for the time you are here. Learn to understand personalities, relationships, how we adapt to situations and the value that each of us have to help become more confident and loving (of yourself and others).

Leadership Seminars

Working in a high-stress environment can cause many problems in the flow and culture of your company. By understanding personalities and leadership styles, how to build rapport and establish respect the culture throughout your company will make an empowering shift.

Through the classroom knowledge that Jen Zoë shares and then interacting with Zenerjen’s specifically trained horses you will receive immediate feedback that will give you the tools to:

  • Reduce stress at work
  • Strength communication between departments
  • Create higher performance evaluations
  • And more!

Horse Heros

Horse Heros are those who want to contribute to the Zenerjen mission but may be unable to experience Zenerjen in person.

These contributions go directly to the care of our amazing horses.

Private Coaching

Private coaching with Jen Zoë. This coaching is very customizable for what you need right now. Inquire below for details.

Young Living Essential OIls

Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. A company with impeccable integrity and the highest quality therapeutic grade oils, Zenerjen is proud to be a distributor.

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