Meet the Crüe

Our mission

We believe that everyone deserves to have a life-changing experience with a horse that maintains the dignity of the animal.

Here we are transforming and elevating the lives of people through the relationships that are developed with these powerful and beautiful horses. People from all walks of life and all over the world come to Zenerjen to experience something that is truly unique in the world of self development, discovery and empowerment.

Empower your soul. Discover your purpose. Live your life.

About Jen Zoe

From a small town in Southeast Missouri, Jen Zoë had always been fascinated with horses. Her career with horses, however, did not begin until the age of 30 when she started taking horseback riding lessons. She realized she wanted more and quickly developed her career with horses by studying with some of the best horsemen in the world. While attending a personal development event, she realized that the parallels and patterns between horses and humans were quite profound and needed to be brought together. Jen started to understand the deeper way that horses teach humans. After years of research and training, Jen launched Zenerjen and her Equine Assisted Empowerment programs to help transform lives through the spirit of the horse. Jen now lives in Orlando, Florida at her horse sanctuary and retreat center where she works with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world, creating breakthroughs with her seminars, training, and retreats.

Meet the Horses


Tres is a calm and old soul. Thoughtful and kind, he has a playful spark to him if you have the chance to connect with him. The only horse at Zenerjen that is not a rescue, he provides stability and peace in the way he communicates. He accepts everyone, but doesn’t connect with ‘just’ anyone. He’s introspective and has a depth of patience and compassion that is rare and special. He is a cremello American Quarter Horse and is 18 years old (EXACTLY a year behind Dante). He came along second to Jen and has grown with her throughout their horsemanship journey. He’s a clown some days and a peace-master others. He brings the grounded nature of his spirit to Zenerjen.


Bella is a feisty and playful girl. She tries so hard to do the right thing and spends her time trying to figure out what that is. She’s got a high spirit and likes to move. She is a blue roan Arabian cross and is 8 years old. She is from ERAF (Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation) and was adopted by Jen Zoë in 2016. Her young spirit brings a great feminine energy to the barn. But make no mistake, she can be shy until she feels safe to gain confidence to come out and play.


Dante is a complex spirit. Bold and extroverted, he has a soft side most don’t see at first glance. He was trained at a young age with very harsh methods and with harsh equipment including copper wiring around his nose, forks taped to the ends of sticks, and other archaic tools and processes. He is a chestnut American Quarter Horse and is 19 years old now. He was the first addition to the Zenerjen Cruë and Jen’s first horse as an adult. Throughout his life, his fire and his spirit have never faded and most would agree he is aptly named. With the life lessons he has taught not only Jen, but to each person that crosses his path, he brings much to the Zenerjen herd.


Maverick is Zenerjen’s racehorse. Having raced until he was 10 years old overseas and winning almost a half a million dollars (more than Seabiscuit), he then came to Zenerjen with a lot of fear and many dangerous behaviors. His first 2 years at Zenerjen were about building trust and confidence within him, as he was misunderstood and used as a commodity for the majority of his life before he came to Zenerjen. Maverick was given up by his owners to a rescue in South Florida and found his way to Zenerjen in April of 2017. As he has grown more confident, Maverick consistently expresses a regal quality that brings strength to the herd. He is loved by many and is changing lives every day that he is here.


ToosDay is Zenerjen’s mascot. She is 5 years old and has been with Jen Zoë since she was 2. In the first year of her life, ToosDay lived in someone’s backyard after having been orphaned and rejected from her mother. After gaining confidence around humans, she now brings a playful, young and sassy energy to the herd. She’s happy to go anywhere and do anything but she likes to do things on her terms. ToosDay pulls a cart and brings joy to people everywhere she goes (which is a lot of places!)