ZenLife Coaching

ZenLife Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring

Over the past 15 years I have had the joy of seeing transformations in all areas of my clients lives including personal and professional relationships, finances, business, and most importantly self love and acceptance.

In 2019 I decided I was ready to begin coaching, instead of just hosting my Journey to Truth retreats. This is where my clients have seen the most progress in their lives through life coaching and Theta Healing.

Discover The Benefits

Everyone needs a coach! Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Blakely and Brene Brown did not get to where they are without their teachers, mentors and coaches.

Become Clear In Your Purpose

Self doubt can get the best of all of us. Get the clarity on your goals you need so you can take aligned action and change your life.

Become a Communication Master

These unprecedented times have added stress to all our relationships. Understand the deep inner workings of personality and behavior to become a master of your relationships.

Connect With Your Inner Confidence

Self-love isn’t selfish. Understand that who you are is exactly who you need to be. Reconnect with your courage, confidence, passion to fall deeply in love with yourself.

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