Our Story

Empower your soul.
Discover your Purpose.
Live your life.

The name Zenerjen came to Jen Zoë one day at a stop light. A combination of “zen” “energy” and “I’m Jen!”

After years of training and studying both horsemanship and personal development, Jen Zoë realized that there was something deeper to both. She began beta testing programs and events, combining the two worlds into what is now know as Zenerjen.

Key characteristics of the Unicorn elite

Unbelievable Resourcefulness

Absolute Trustworthiness

Passionate About the Mission

Deeply Service Driven

Universally Respectful

Our core values

  1. Lead with your heart
  2. Put the relationship first
  3. Celebrate change and creativity
  4. Deliver at the highest level
  5. Truth, transparency and trust
  6. Do less now to save more later
  7. Forever follow-up and follow-through
  8. Practice self-mastery and development
  9. Operate with Positive Integrity
  10. Have fun, play, and be passionate about the mission
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