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Our mission at Zenerjen is to become the “AirBNB” of horse rescue. We are creating and growing a system where four horses can feed four hundred – and it all stems from a contribution based community of like-minded individuals who are committed to creating a better world for themselves, their loved ones, and the horses that change lives across the world.

But we get it! Not everyone wants to or has the time to be involved in a community – but you still want to contribute to saving horses! Become an honorary ZenClub member by sponsoring a horse below!


20 year old quarterhorse

Dante was Jen Zoë’s very first horse. He was rescued from a dangerous barn where he endured horrific abuse. He is fiery, decisive and a total troublemaker.

He has helped thousands of people from all over the world understand HOW to create and MAINTAIN healthy boundaries in every relationship.


19 year old quarter horse

10 years ago, Tres spent 16 months in rehab after suffering a severe injury in a freak accident. Despite this trauma, his goofy, playful and grounded personality has never changed.

His dependability has taught people from all walks of life the secrets to lasting motivation and patience.


15 year old Arabian

Bella was rescued from a field with 11 other horses where the whole herd was emaciated. After hundreds of thousands of hours, Bella has discovered her ability to trust herself. She is gregarious, friendly and a connector.

Her fun-loving spirit has taught people from all over the globe how important focus is in your daily life. This world is full of distractions and the power of focus is something that makes you unstoppable.


18 year old thoroughbred

Maverick was raced for 11 years all over the globe. He won over a half million dollars and was then dumped at a rescue when he could no longer perform. His transition to Zenerjen was slow and steady and after a year his true personality blossomed. He is reserved, loyal and completely regal.

He continues to teach everyone who comes through the gates of Zenerjen the process of building and maintain deep trust in relationships.


7 year old miniature horse

ToosDay was rejected by her mother at birth. She was raised in a backyard until she was 3 and then donated to Zenerjen. She is sassy, in charge, and a healer.

Her personality brings smiles to everyone she meets. She is sensitive to energy and know when her presence is needed in times of emotional healing.

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