When A Snicker’s Bar Just Won’t Do It

You know when you get into that 3 o’clock slump? When it hits me, I feel like I only have three options: caffeine, sugar, or a nap. But if I choose a nap I usually end up feeling guilty afterwards. Then, not only am I not rested, but I’m in a state of guilt, anxiety, stress… I mean the list goes on! Not to mention, now I have less time and still the same amount of things to do. 

It is an AWFUL cycle. 

But what’s the difference between listening to what your body needs when it’s depleted and just pushing through anyways? How can you tell when you truly need a break and when you simply need to reset?

Instead of choosing caffeine, coffee or a nap I have three secret steps I take to reset my state and figure out what I truly need.

Step 1: BREATHE!

Simple, right? But here’s the thing, when we’re slumped over our desk all day, our lungs are compressed. We end up taking shallow breaths in the top ⅓ of our lungs. Basically, we’re getting enough oxygen to survive, but not enough to THRIVE. And don’t we all want to live a life of mastery over mediocrity? Of course! 

So when you’re in a slump, the first thing you need to do is move away from your desk and breathe. One of my favorite breath work exercises is with Wim Hof.


Go outside and get some vitamin D. If you can, take your shoes off and get a little dirty. Reground yourself to the energy of the earth. The thing that gives us life! It is incredibly recharging and eye opening to simply go outside and take in your surroundings. 


My last secret is, when you really don’t want to, move your body! It can feel like the most challenging thing to do, but all it takes is a little dance or even 15 jumping jacks. Get your heart pumping and your blood moving. Trust me, it can change your state in a matter of seconds.

These three things are incredibly simple to do, but can completely shift your mental state. Once you are feeling like yourself again (without the help of a Snicker’s bar) you can now make a decision about what your body needs. Do you need to take a few minutes and rest? Or did you just need that less than 10 minute reset to get you out of the 3 o’clock slump?

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