Jen started into horses in a bit of an unorthodox way. Having loved horses her whole life, but having limited experience with them, she decided that on the eve of her 30th birthday in 2004, as a reward for quitting smoking, she would start taking horseback riding lessons. Shortly thereafter, she discovered a natural horsemanship training system where she discovered the power of immersion.  She lived it and breathed it for the next several years and quickly became a respected professional and expert in the understanding and behavior of horses in a natural way. In 2011, through a mutual friend, she discovered a man by the name of Tony Robbins and attended his firewalking event “Unleash the Power Within”.  At the close of that event, she realized her training could help more than just the horses she encountered and she remembers thinking “these two worlds of horse and human transformation had to be brought together”. Once again she immersing herself in a world of transformation. The Tony Robbins world. The next few years were trial ridden and full of unexpected turmoil for Jen including divorce, death, near bankruptcy, homelessness, illness, addiction, and career change.  One can only imagine the thoughts of hopelessness Through all of it, she kept striving to her goal and although she was full of fear, the tenacity and love she had for her horses and her dreams kept her going.  It culminated on the day Tony Robbins choose her for an intervention at his Date with Destiny event where he helped her realize that she DID have value and she DID have something to offer.  And from that day forward, things changed. On January 11, 2015, Jen opened the Zenerjen Equestrian Center and began growing her business with horses and pursuing her dream and passion. Before Jen started The Zenerjen Foundation in July of 2016, as you’ve already read, she saw herself as “broken”.  Having left her husband with almost nothing, finding herself homeless twice, without a job, a car and little savings, she felt she had no hope. In the midst of her struggles, her brother, a veteran of war, died suddenly of a drug overdose. She told herself no more, life can’t go on like this. With the love and connection she has to her horses and with some help from Tony Robbins himself, she found the strength and resources she needed to grow and develop her own business and passion for horses. She has since then devoted herself to the support of Tony’s events crewing all over the country and even traveling to Fiji to contribute to people that are looking to better their own lives.  She says, “If I can just help that ONE person that feels the way I felt make the shift to seeing the value they have to offer and the beauty within themselves, then it’s all worth it.” Today she is the Founder of The Zenerjen Foundation in Central Florida and is fueling her passion to help people close the gap on the levels of despair that they can find themselves in through this amazing organization.  Her vision and her mission is to enable people to see what she didn’t see in herself, to gain the tools and resources needed to make shifts in their own lives whatever that looks like for each individual.  She empowers people to have hope again and to understand the power of relationships of all kinds through the beauty and spirit of the horse.