Matching vs. Mismatching

Here’s the secret… you probably can’t stop fighting with your significant other/co-workers/family because of this SIMPLE concept.

Before I get into what matching and mismatching even is, tell me, what do you see below?

Some of you will say: “That’s just 3 rectangles.”
Some, on the other hand, will say something like: “What are you talking about? Those 3 rectangles are completely different. Two are tall, one is short. They’re slightly different widths and there’s barely anything similar about them at all.”

Matchers vs. Mismatchers: what does it mean?

Matchers are people who are easily agreeable. These are individuals who, even when they may have some opposition to your opinion, will agree with you anyways.

Mismatchers, on the other hand, are people who are always ready for a debate. They are people who love the phrase “yeah, but…” and follow it up with points as to why their idea is better than yours.

And guess what, they drive each other crazy!

The deeper you get into this concept, you will see that there are 4 layers to it.

Layer 1: Matchers

We’ve already talked about matchers. They are easily agreeable and are amazing for a brainstorming session. They don’t know the word no, so everything is a great idea for these individuals. Lime jello rocket ship to the moon? Let’s make it happen!

Layer 2: Matchers with Mismatching Tendencies

These are the people who, when you looked at the rectangles said, “well there’s three blue rectangles but one is sideways.” They see the similarities first and then notice differences.

Layer 3: Mismatchers with matching tendencies

Here we have the opposite of layer 2. These individuals see the differences first and then notice similarities. They may have looked at the rectangles and said, “I see three shapes, one short and two tall rectangles. Oh, and they all happen to be blue.”

Layer 4: Mismatchers

Like we said before, mismatchers are those who have opinions about everything…and they make it known. These are the people who will take the lime jello rocket ship to the moon and make it feasible. They will take whatever ideas the matchers come up with in the brainstorm, take out the impossible ones, and make the possible ones even more amazing.

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