Julia Child made me do it

I just finished watching Julie and Julia a movie about an aspiring writer that follows the cookbook of Julia Child. What a beautiful film starring one of my favorite actresses, Meryl Streep. And, it inspired me to continue writing my blog. Blogging these days is a little different than it was back then and honestly for a non-millennial, non-gen Z, non-tech person, I started to get overwhelmed by the whole thing. I thought, maybe simply what I have to SAY isn’t enough anymore, I have to be LIVE and on Facebook constantly and Instagram and vlogging and capturing every moment of my life in the hopes that I could maybe speak to my core audience…women.

This is on the heels of discovering that I am an entrepreneur. WHAT?! EVERYTHING I had learned from attending SIX Business Mastery seminars with Tony Robbins, I was totally convinced I was an Artist. That I created and I loved my business and who I was serving and that I couldn’t fall strongly into two categories. But here I am, learning that yes, yes I am definitely an entrepreneur. I have taken the risk, I have jumped off the cliff, now what?

Tony Robbins and Jen Zoë

When I started I was just doing whatever it took to get by. Maybe if you’ve started a business, you can relate. I was washing dogs, air bnbing my spare rooms, pretty much anything short of dancing on a pole (and even that I considered).

And I kept hearing the message, “market to everyone, market to no one”. Pick your ideal customer, who is your ideal client? Dude, my ideal client was someone that would pay me for my services. Serving someone and getting paid was ideal in my world, I know my landlord thought so too! So when I REALLY took a step back and looked at who I REALLY wanted to help, I wondered, are there enough of those people out there and can I find them, love on them and bring them on as clients before my money ran out?

Now isn’t that a crappy question?

But here’s the truth. When you can hone in on who you love. REALLY who you love to serve, it just becomes clear. Some people might call it a “BFO” blinding flash of the obvious, but sometimes the obvious just isn’t that obvious. And for me, it became about aligning instead of hustling. I started just sucking it up and getting someone else to do the shit I hated to do. And looking at it now, it all sounds so cliché. Play to your strengths, outsource your weaknesses. How many times have I heard that?

It’s a process. Waking up to realize I wasn’t just a tinker trading my wares, but a full blown, full on mission driven entrepreneur hit me and I knew, I KNEW that the next step was going to be a scary one, but one that would take my business from being transactional to being transformational, sustainable and scalable. And oh man, what a wild ride that is going to be.

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